To be up front, TV is not what we are really known for, but, when your client knows that you understand their brand inside out, it’s only natural they ask you first, to look at a TV awareness commercial for the launch of their new brand.

After presenting our ideas to the marketing team, we were delighted to hear they loved our thought process, and we felt very privileged to be taking on their very first tv commercial.
We knew we could do a great job, after all, we had the creative team, the connections and the passion to make this a success.

First to be tackled was the concept and script writing, the client already knew who they wanted for the voice over, the charismatic Gyles Brandreth.
His style and tone were to prove a perfect knit for the concept we had in mind, yes, it was now starting to come together, you could even say we had a plan.
First call was to book a recording studio in Soho. Working with a real professional and inspirational character like Gyles, made this a very easy / fun / quick and professional session.

Next on the list was casting. Well….the budget wasn’t going to be huge, so we selected some really brilliant characters through agencies in a day casting session in London.
We then called in a few favours and topped up the rest of the cast with staff from Caramba, family and friends.
Now to find a venue, along with detailed scheduling and legal sign off from the broadcasting authorities along with lots of other finer details, that would bring the day of actual filming altogether seamlessly.

Filming then began, and the usual very organised chaos of a typical shoot started to roll into place, but with the belief everyone knew their role and that we were going to stick to schedule.
The cost of over running schedule was simply not in the equation, the financial implications would be horrendous . So as usual….we did it.
On schedule, on budget, and of course …….creative.

So …here’s the end result.
We hope you like it as much as we do : )

First commercial featured on ITV in Yorkshire region ( 9.9 million adults )and based on that success ,moved to Tyne Tees ( 2.1 million adults )  Further broadcasting through Sky Go enabled continued success driving new customers into the my dentist practices in designated regions. RESULT – Happy Customer / Proud Caramba