{my}sm;)e  teeth straightening experts in clear aligners – created by Caramba for the UK’s largest group of qualified dentists.

With convenient locations {my}sm;)e are dedicated to helping people discover their smiles.

The difference between {my}sm;)e and other suppliers in the UK is clear –
Free consultation Digital 3D Scan / Fully Transparent / Clinically Assessed / CQC regulation / UK Clinical Support Teams / Led by a UK registered dentist.

Caramba’s task was not only to create a new brand concept, but to create one that sat comfortably under the umbrella of its parent company – {my}dentist.
Colour became the main driver, to help distinguish  this brand from its parent companies more two tone brand identity.
Bright and engaging – it created the stand out and tone of voice required, to cut through the noise of other marketing activities in this market.

From brand concept to full customer journey collateral, along with creative launch pods – this grew into a brand, we are incredibly proud to have created for one of our more long-standing clients.