When asked by IDH to create a new brand identity for Europe’s largest dental care provider, with over 600 plus network of practices, providing detail care to over 5 million people across the UK, we were of course honoured and delighted to accept the challenge.

In only 17 years, IDH had developed from its genesis of just 3 practices in North West England, to now being the largest dental corporate in the world.

Being such a large company, communication was key for both employees and patients, taking everyone on the journey, bringing the brand to life, and ensuing everyone knew they had a pivotal role to play in delivering the new brand values : trusted / honest / warm and welcoming / understanding / loyal and innovative.

IDH had grown phenomenally, but still operated under different names, which hindered communication with customers in a clear and consistent manner.
The new {my}dentist identity, united the company to deliver patients expectations and go beyond them.

The new brand elevated the business to something truly unique in the dentistry market.

Caramba are proud to have played a large part in creating a brand with clients who knew what they wanted from the beginning, and who made the whole journey an exciting and thrilling project to work on – together with the my dentist team, we helped the nation smile.