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Food Smiths

The word ‘smith’ is synonymous with craftsmanship, skill and beauty. A smith is a master of the field, and a Foodsmith is no different. Caramba were approached to create a brand that personified this in a powerful and effective way.

Foodsmiths is a London-based catering business which specialises in crafting amazing food for the UK’s most celebrated venues and occasions, including entertainment venues, heritage attractions, sports stadiums and corporate events.

Foodsmiths recruited Caramba for the task of creating an impactful new brand due to our decades of branding and marketing expertise.

The brief was to build a brand that could support the business from food outlet sites, right through to high street restaurants. A comprehensive, total brand solution was needed; from a new logo and corporate identity, brand essence and personality, through to restaurant collateral such as signage, wall graphics and even custom greaseproof parchment, tickets and aprons.

The brand was centred around Foodsmiths 3 core values: Provenance, Craft and Quality. The importance of these ideals would be mirrored across all communications, with the business’s story and philosophy positioned front and centre.

Vitally, we aimed to bring credibility and authenticity to the brand by showcasing the people who bring the food to life, from the barista, to the baker and beyond.

Craft: Foodsmiths all-encompassing code of practice. The crafting of expertly prepared and beautiful food hand-made by the most skilled of creators, with a focus on flavour, not the time it takes to manufacture. This needed to shine through across all collateral.

Quality: Foodsmiths golden rule. From start to finish, behind the scenes to front of house, customer satisfaction is vital, and the customer needed to know it.

Provenance: It was crucial the new brand communicate just how important properly sourced ingredients are to Foodsmiths. The brand story had to communicate just how essential knowing the origin of all ingredients is to the integrity of the menu, as well as the quality and sustainability of the food.

We combined these ideas and philosophies to create a truly unique and effective brand. A collaborative effort between our incredible in-house creators and Foodsmiths themselves made this possible.

By working closely with Foodsmiths, and delving into their history, personality, and offering, we were able to create a complete brand identity that truly speaks to who they are, and what they offer. With this new identity in place, Foodsmiths can be confident in their personality and customer perception for years to come.