Industry Awards Win for {my}sm;)e Brand

Everyone at Caramba was ecstatic to celebrate the victory of the {my}sm;)e brand at the Dental Industry Awards, achieving the Highly Recommended status in the Best Brand Category, against six other UK dental brands.

The fantastic response to the {my}sm;)e brand, created by Caramba in partnership with the {my}sm;)e team, was a win all of its own for everyone. {my}sm;)e are experts in teeth straightening and clear aligners, part of the larger {my}dentist group, the largest dental corporate in the UK.

Caramba created a comprehensive brand identity for {my}sm;)e from scratch for their national launch, to sit comfortably alongside the brand of its parent company. The aim was to create a brand which was unique, bright, and engaging, and the response at the Industry Awards showed what a fantastic success this was.

Caramba has worked in partnership with {my}dentist for many years to create an instantly identifiable and unique brand. We would like to thank {my}dentist and {my}sm;)le for allowing us the opportunity to develop this fantastic brand identity.

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